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Permission to Engage - 2xLP Splatter Vinyls


2xLP. This record comes with a heavy gatefold jacket with mate lamination, an insert and two splattered vinyls (red and black splatters, black and white splatters, both on transparent vinyls)

..recorded by Laurent Saussol @ Studio Palissy
..mixed Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Zozobra, Cave In...) @ Translator Audio
..mastered Nick Zampiello & Rob Gonella (Torche, Converge...) @ New Alliance East
..artwork by Gerald Jay & Nicolas Deschamps

Permission to Engage, with no question mark. Because Sofy Major doesn’t ask for. With their debut album, the band from Clermont-Fd (FRA) authorize themselves to fire at will. Result is they break many walls between extreme musical styles, to resume in fifty minutes what others have been trying for years. But it was the least these three hard workers (and not rockers, unless maybe…) could do for their first full length: no way, after several releases and intensive touring over France and Europe, that the band stops a perpetual evolution guided by a DIY work and life ethic. Far beyond anything they’ve done before, Permission to Engage takes Sofy Major to a new step in the band’s career. Expect no-prisoners-shows and epic assaults on stage. And the charge is just getting started…

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